The easiest way to add a shortcode is to use the Calendar-Button in the editor:
Add Shortcodes

  • Calendar Overview / [abc-overview]
    The shortcode [abc-overview] shows all calendars and there availabilities by month.
  • Single Calendar / [abc-single calendar=X legend=1]
    The shortcode [abc-single calendar=X] needs a calendar id instead of X. You can find the ids on your calendar settings page and is always a number like 1 or 2. So the shortcode for your first calendar is usually [abc-single calendar=1]
    Adding “legend=1” to the shortcode a legend showing “available” etc. at the bottom of the calendar.
  • Booking form / [abc-bookingform]
    The booking form fulfils two tasks: finding the right room for users and generating booking requests. Every user action happens onpage via AJAX, so the page does not reload during interactions. We recommend to enter the shortcode [abc-bookingform] on a single page.
  • Widget
    This plugin offers an availability check widget. Just go to “Appearance / Widgets” and add the widget.