You can use discounts to promote your business. If there is a valid code, a coupon input will appear in the booking form.
To create a Coupon Code you need to define a few things:

  • Name
    The name is used in emails and your booking overview.
  • Type of calculation
    You can decide a flat / absolute discount or a relative amount.
  • Discount Value
    Depending on your decision between absolute or relative discount, the entered discount value will reduce the price when the code is entered.
  • Valid from / valid to
    Enter two dates between which the code is valid.
  • Code
    The text you enter here is the code your guests have to enter in the booking form.
  • Number of times the code can be redeemed
    You can set a code to a “one-time-code” or “multiple times”.
  • Minimum Number of Nights
    To promote longer stays at your accommodation, you can set a minimum for number of nights a guest has to stay, before the code is valid. E.g. you could offer a 10% discount for stays longer than 7 nights.
  • Valid for Calendars
    Here you can select the calendars the coupon is valid for.