“Calendars” is just a name for room types or room classes, which have identical prices and there availabilities are managed as one group.

  • Name
    The name is used many times, especially in communication with the guest. So chose a name that is easy to understand, like “Room Type Standard” or “Double Room”
  • Number of rooms
    Enter the number of rooms this room class has. If you have 10 double rooms and a calendar name “Double Room”, just enter 10.
  • Max. Persons
    This is the number of guests who can stay in one room of this calendar. So in the case of a double room, enter 2.
  • Price Preset
    This plugin has a great way of editing prices by seasons. But if there are no seasons added, the plugin will use this preset to calculate prices. Even if you have no preset, just enter the cheapest price you are offering this room class for. Just in case, if your seasons are missing a day.
  • Information Page
    The page selected as information page will be linked on several places, such as the booking form or the calendar overview. If you have not yet created pages for your room types, just set this setting to “Don’t link”.
  • Short information text
    Enter a short text describing this calendar. It will be shown in the booking form.